The Workplace Anthology


Table of Contents


1.  Angie Gets a Job  Linda Boroff


2.  Noon to Six Adina Sara


3.  Chances Are James Reed


4.  Respectful Beatings for Very Good Help G. K. Wuori


5.  Captain of the Drive R. Dean Johnson


6.  The Harassment Dennis Kaplan


7.  One Day in the Life of Irene Dennison Dennis Kaplan


8.  The Macaroni Artist Eli S. Evans


9.  Cubicle Planet Caroline Marwitz


10. Stolen Code Patricia Anne Smith


11. Undies Patricia Anne Smith


12. Breaker Randy F. Nelson


13. Customer Recognition James Reed


14. Inflections and  Innuendos Adina Sara


15. Criminal Intent Susan A. O'Doherty


16. Publisher Corey Mesler